2. Lucy & Yak 

Positive brand reputation: Built over time 

Reason: Good CSR

Lucy & Yak are a British based clothing company that have built up a loyal and enthusiastic following since 2017. 

They specialize in creating colorful overall designs using sustainable, recycled fabrics. 

Lucy & Yak have a long list of CSR initiatives which they live by, including:

Fair pay: Their UK teams earn the living wage and their India teams earn 3x the state minimum wage for garment workers.

Fair work: Their UK teams work 30 hours per week, 4 days a week.

Climate solutions: They invest in projects that remove more greenhouse gasses than their own carbon footprint, and have planted 25k+ treeds.

Circularity: The have a “Re-Yak” buyback scheme which encourages customers to return or recycle their L&K clothing. 

Organic materials: They use organic cotton and leftover factory materials and harmless dyes to make their clothing.

LGBTQIA+ support: The company continually gives a platform to members of the LQBTQIA+ community on social media. They have also supported queer artists from around the globe to create a collection of limited edition designs, and donated profits to the development of the first ever BQTG app.

And their commitment to CSR issues has helped them to achieve an overwhelmingly positive brand reputation, if you’ll believe the sentiment of their social media mentions.