Both small businesses and global corporations handle microblogs on Twitter to help boost their brand’s popularity, grab new clients, and engage with target users. After all, tweets should be strategic and capable of executing marketing goals. This is just one of the many perks Twitter has to offer.

However, if you are one of the many companies that have optimised all of your expenses and tasks, how can you receive additional perks from your Twitter profile? Carry out a quick audit. A social media account audit favours you by identifying the effectiveness and flaws of your profile, determining its growth potential. A well-performed audit conserves your money on establishing a promotion strategy in the social network and allows you to set up an action plan to attain the best possible results.

Twitter Audit

The Twitter audit is an evaluation that figures out the effectiveness of your account. It will check different aspects of your personal or business’s Twitter profile and determine which areas need urgent improvement.

You will receive feedback on any queries regarding your target audience, what sort of content resonates with your users the most, and what you can do to enhance your Twitter presence. Such a diagnosis will help to guide you to the right path and discover which area still requires attention to make your brand’s promotion effective in attaining better results.

How to Perform a Twitter Audit?

Before commencing your Twitter audit, it is best to openly set your goals. Doing so can help you to carry out a more focused Twitter audit. Setting your goals (lead generation, figuring out the public sentiment, promoting brand awareness, boosting engagement, etc.) can help you determine actionable insights from corresponding performance metrics.

When you have a distinct vision of what you need to accomplish, you can conduct Twitter audits at periodic time intervals to assess your performance and social media authority. Now, as for performing a Twitter audit, you can either do it manually or leverage a Twitter audit tool to do it for you, such as the in-built tools or features created by Twitter. Some of these tools include:

  • Twitter Advanced Search
  • Native Twitter Analytics
  • Download your Twitter Archives

To perform a Twitter audit, you need to inspect and evaluate all features of your Twitter profile. We can divide the facets into three vast categories,

  • Twitter profile
  • Published tweets
  • Audience

Analysing all three categories can help you better assess your brand’s position in the business along with its acceptance among target users.

Update Your Brand Imagery

To identify whether your business “looks the part” professionally, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you handling your most recent brand logo and imagery?
  • Are you using Twitter’s latest image dimensions?
  • Does your Twitter profile use the same username, imagery and messaging as any other social profile?

For example, go through the changes in the Twitter profile of Grammarly between 2020 and 2022. The 2020 version used minimal and simple designs but was effective.

The 2022 version is almost identical to the first look (same logo and bio link) but excludes the hashtag usage and makes use of a colourful and captivating cover photo. Making these modifications may seem tedious, but they are noteworthy as they allow your followers to know that you are active on the platform.

Audit your Followers for Engagement and Authenticity

Usually, your followers on Twitter should reflect your target users and actual clients. Allowing such followers to stay in the know on what you are posting. Your rate of engagement should utilise and reflect that.This might not be the case if you have been freestyling your Twitter presence.

Next, let’s simplify the processes of a Twitter audit to help you completely understand your account’s level of engagement.

Ensure you are Attracting Relevant Audience

Can all your Twitter followers be included in your target audience? Scrolling manually and seeing bios or hashtags in your follower’s profiles is a hectic task. More crucial, are you followed by businesses in your industry? Do you get shout-outs from actual clients? Are you followed by genuine accounts?

If your Twitter following looks like a free-for-all, it might be an indication to modify your content strategy (but more on that later). By leveraging Sprout, you can focus on your audience analysis.

Analyse the Content Variety

It is crucial to figure out how different pieces of content boost engagement. The key feature of Twitter is that you have no shortage of choices to make your content strategy distinct.

This is yet again where dealing with your content strategy as a free-for-all can operate against you. We advocate dividing your content into different categories and seeing which often earns the most interactions. For example, you might be posting:

  • Threads
  • Images
  • Videos
  • How-tos and tips
  • Infographics
  • Memes and humorous content
  • Articles and blogs (external links)

Checking your content calendar can bring to light top performers, outliers and which benefits you should arrange by content type.

Twitter Audit is an awesome analysis tool that can help you figure out the reliability and credibility of any public Twitter profile. You can easily find and block fake Twitter followers from your Twitter account. You can also leverage it to analyse and notice the right influencer to promote your business.

You can also analyse your Twitter follower growth in real-time, which can benefit you to figure out the impact of your branding strategies and assess their effectiveness. Start leveraging this Twitter feature to build up your brand’s social media horizons.

Are you searching for more Twitter auditing insights? Our expert team can help you out. Contact us today for more information.