Having a small business means you may have to engage in several strenuous business activities constantly. However, Business Process Automation (BPA) makes these processes and activities more manageable through technology. 

You can use Business Process Automation in data reporting, purchase orders, applicant screening, and so many others. For business process automation to be possible, there are business automation tools or software that make running a business less complicated. 

When your business is full of repetitive and monotonous tasks, it can affect the quality of services you deliver to your customers. Fortunately, these business automation tools help to manage these tiresome tasks.

Because of how vital business automation tools are, this article will address eight of the best automation tools for your business in 2022.

There are many business automation tools available in the digital world today. We have reviewed the best automation tools you should consider working on within the coming year.

1- Murf

Murf is the best solution for all your voice-over needs. This software allows you to go from text to speech with its versatile AI voice generator. With Murf, you can make studio-quality voice-overs in just minutes. 

This Murf’s AI voice generator provides you with lifelike AI voices that you can use for your business’ podcasts, videos, and professional presentations. 

In addition, you can play with pitch, punctuation, and emphasis to make the AI voices deliver your message how you like.

Murf’s studio is feature-packed and powerful. Furthermore, you do not need any prior training before you can use the studio. There are over 110 voices and 15 languages in Murf’s library of voices. 

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2- Abstract

Abstract is a business automation tool that allows you to automate your developers’ work. This software supports thousands of APIs  (Application Programming Interface) to help you build excellent applications and websites.

Abstract’s APIs are simple to implement. You can access most of these APIs through a GET call (a method used to retrieve data from a server at a specified resource), making them easy to maintain and monitor. 

The IP Geolocation API allows you to geolocate and get details on any IP address around the world. The Email Verification API and Phone Verification API also let you validate email and phone numbers, quickly, and reliably. 

This tool also provides helpful guides like Abstract’s jQuery email validation guide that can teach you all you need to know about how to validate an email address.

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3- Help Scout 

Help Scout is your one-stop hub for all things related to customer communication. It’s one of the best Front alternatives on the market that can make your customers feel like one in a million. 

Help Scout is a business automation software tool that makes customer service management easy to do. This software is simple to use, and it helps growing businesses to build better relationships with their customers. 

This customer support software has features like shared email, live chat, knowledge base, reports, and so much more. These features give your business the flexibility and visibility to provide a wonderful customer experience.

Furthermore, this software allows you to connect the tools you use by allowing over 50 integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient.

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4- HubSpot

This is an inbound marketing, sales, and service software that is powerful and easy to use. It is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that helps you create delightful customer experiences and have fun doing it.

HubSpot has the tools and integrations your business needs for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service. Each of the products in this platform is powerful on its own. When you bring them together, that is when the real magic happens.

The marketing feature helps you grow traffic, convert more visitors, and run marketing campaigns efficiently. Also, there is Service Hub, a customer service software that enables you to connect with customers and turn them into promoters who would help you grow your business. 

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5- ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a top customer experience automation tool. It gives you email marketing, market automation, and customer relationship management tools that help you to create incredible experiences for your customers.

ActiveCampaign uses precise targeting to help you find the right prospects and grow your audience. Additionally, this software gives you message ideas to help you capture the attention of your audience.

With ActiveCampaign, email marketing becomes a walk in the park. Apart from personalized emails, you can also send newsletters and messages targeted to each person’s interests.

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6- Gusto

Gusto is a powerful, all-in-one tool that helps growing businesses with their HR processes. This HR software takes care of payroll, employee benefits, and everything HR. Its plans have been built to fit your unique needs. 

So, whatever your HR needs are, you can be sure Gusto will take care of them. Gusto provides your business with a single system of record, data-backed guidance, and competitive compensation tools to help you in empowering your team. 

This HR automation tool provides full-service payroll, employee benefits, time and attendance management, hiring and onboarding, talent management, and insights and reporting. 

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Lastly, your employees can also use the Gusto Wallet to track, save, and access their hard-earned money. 

7- Calendly

Calendly is a free online appointment scheduling software for small businesses. With this automation software, you can schedule meetings professionally and efficiently. Additionally, you get to eliminate the hassle of sending emails back and forth, so you can get back to work on time. 

It is straightforward to get started on Calendly. All you have to do is create simple rules by letting Calendly know your availability preferences. Then, you either send your Calendly link to guests or embed it on your website. 

Lastly, your guests will pick a time from your preferences, and the event will be added to your calendar. That’s all! 

With Calendly, you can be sure there will be no calendar conflicts; your reminders also go out automatically. Once scheduling hassles are eliminated, you can accomplish so much more in the day.

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8- Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a great software that makes customer service an easy task, with over 50,000 businesses using the software for related needs.

This software allows you to engage in more meaningful conversations every day, across every channel, and with every customer. Freshdesk lets you delight your customers with effortless omnichannel service. 

In under three months, you can turn your customer service agents into customer champions. This is achieved by giving your agents more context and automation to understand the customers’ needs proactively. 

In addition to this, Freshdesk makes it possible for your agents to offer the next best action to the customers. When this is the case, you can be sure to boast of an excellent customer service experience. 

Freshdesk lets you simplify the customer service experience and put customers back in control. You do this by offering them the support that the customers expect in the channel of their choosing.

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Business automation tools have a lot of benefits and advantages that they bring to your business. Here are a few of the reasons why you should use automation tools in your small business.  

1- They Help Save Time

One of the main benefits of using automation tools for your business is to save time. Administrative tasks like searching for documents, hiring employees, approving paperwork, payroll, processing documents, etc., take a lot of time.

With business automation tools, you get solutions to these tasks faster and error-free. This will then give you and your employees time to do more productive things with your extra time.

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2- They Help You Cut Down On Costs

Human beings are prone to make mistakes, and these errors can cause losses in your finances. However, when your business switches from manual to automated processes, you will notice a considerable reduction in errors.

With error minimization, you won’t need to waste money to fix mistakes, and so the resources can be channeled to build future projects.

3- Business Automation Tools Help To Increase Productivity

Another benefit of using business automation tools is that it increases productivity. Because machines complete duties faster than human beings, automation helps you to boost the efficiency of your staff and business. 

While the software completes meticulous and labor-intensive tasks, your employees can focus on other tasks that move your business forward. When the effectiveness of your business is boosted, you can be sure of more significant profit margins.  

4- They Enhance Quality And Deliver Better A Customer Experience

If you want to give your customers a wonderful experience, you should consider introducing automation processes into your business. 

Humans are often limited in executing their work. But with automation, you can make sure that employees perform every task adequately, reducing the potential for human errors. This proceeds to improve customer satisfaction effectively.

Convenience and fast access to your services are features your business should provide for your customers to be able to retain them.

Automation allows you to give your customers faster and more quality services. When you meet the standard of operation they expect from you, they develop trust in you, and you gain their loyalty.  

Tips For Choosing The Right Business Automation Software

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When choosing automation software, you need to ensure you select the right ones to avoid challenges in the future. Here are the tips you need to help you choose the best business automation software.    

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1- Identify The Need

The first thing you need to do before choosing a business automation software is to identify the need in your business. There are different automation tools out there that have varying uses. 

So, you need to ask yourself which tasks are repetitive and tiresome? Which areas do you want to improve on? For instance, you might need an automation tool in the HR, marketing, or customer relations department. 

2- Check Out The Features Of The Automation Software

If you find two automation software that carry out the same function, e.g., social media management, you should check out the features or provisions they offer. Then compare both to decide which is best for you. 

It would also be best if your chosen automation software had features that tally with your business’s purposes and automation goals. 

For example, if you want to improve your marketing efforts, your automation software should have features that can increase lead generation.

3- Ensure It Allows System Integration

The business automation software you go for should be able to carry out easy integrations with other systems. In your business, you can be sure that you will be using a ton of different tools in running your business. 

So, the business automation software you choose should unite all these digital tools and not make them work against each other. If not, it could disrupt your workflow process causing more problems. 

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4- Check For A User-friendly Experience And Design

User-friendliness, in terms of experience and design, is essential when choosing your automation tools. The automation tools you use should be easy to operate for your employees so that it doesn’t take too long for them to master. 

They should be able to use these tools even if they have no prior knowledge of using the automation software. 

Additionally, it would be great if the automation tool you use is mobile-friendly since many employees may also like to work on the go with their mobile devices. 

5- Look Out For Security Features

Since you will be uploading many of your employees’ data on the business automation software, the one you choose must be safe and secure. This is because keeping your company’s sensitive data should be a priority for you and your automation provider. 

Fraud, data theft, identity theft, virus, etc., are examples of security issues that your automation tool should protect against.  


Automation tools simplify business processes and help increase business productivity. In addition to these, automation tools help reduce costs and prevent time wastage. This article discusses eight automation tools that will come in handy for your business in 2022.

In addition, we’ve provided five tips you should consider when choosing the right small business automation software.