The importance of SERP rank tracking cannot be ignored. Assessing and monitoring SERP rankings makes you aware of how your website performs in search engine results. You also get to know your competitors’ ranking and overall search performance. However, using the best SERP tracking tools is essential to do this job fast and effectively.

You can find a lot of SERP trackers online. Some trackers are better than others, whereas a few fall among the best SERP tracking tools category. In this blog post, we will compare the best SERP tracking tools based on their features, pricing, and overall efficacy in terms of SEO.

What is SERP Rank Tracking Tool

What is serp rank tracking tool


A SERP tracking tool is software designed to assist in understanding the position of a site on the search engine. The tracker assesses a website’s performance on the search engine – paving the way to make a strategy on how to retain or improve a site’s ranking.

More specifically, a search engine ranking page tracker performs the following key functions:

  • Observe and track the progress of SEO efforts as a whole. This way, you’re in a position to make better strategies or introduce improvements to strategies already in place so your site’s rank can boost.
  • Notify you whenever the ranking of your site goes downward. If you’re worried about how do you track movement in the SERPs, then this tool will help you track movement fast. The benefit of getting a heads-up is you can respond quickly by taking out any negative factors which caused the ranking to go down.
  • Watch the SEO progress of your competitor sites. This way, you can know where your SEO campaign is lacking and introduce countermeasures accordingly.


However, it all comes to choosing the right SERPs rank tracking software that suits your requirements. There are a lot of options available to choose from. Various SERP rank tracking tools come with similar as well as unique features. Also, the effectiveness of these trackers varies from one another. 

Let’s now look at the best SERP rank trackers that are worth using and can solve your concerns around how to find your SERP ranking and make effective ranking strategies.


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SE Ranking is a company based in Ukraine that offers a Google SERP ranking tool at prices to match. If a keyword offering of up to 250 is okay for you per week, then the price for this tool can be around $23.


What Can be Done with It?

Apart from the rank tracking software, the package comes with a range of other tools to perform the functions of:

On one hand, you can check your site’s ranking on Google; on the other, you can also track YouTube rankings. SE Ranking serves around 300K customers, which means their tool is one of the most widely used rank-tracking tools out there. 



Below are the plans of this rank tracker:

  • Essential 250 keywords plan that comes at around $49 (day to day updates)
  • Essential 500 keywords plan which can be accessed at $69 (day to day updates)
  • Pro 1000 keywords plan at a price of $109 (updates on daily basis)


What’s Good About It?

The layout is comprehensive and gives the user a good historical overview of the rankings – while also showing the best rank position of all time. The tracker also monitors Google SERP aspects like a featured snippet.

You can also use the tracker from your mobile. As mentioned above, the extra features such as backlinking analysis and site audit are also a good addition and worth using if need be. The staff on customer support online is responsive. Moreso, you can better manage your keywords by using tags and folders.


Who Should Use It?

People who provide their services as freelancers and small businesses on a tight budget need an affordable tool that offers additional features on top of SERP rank tracking. It is a worth considering option as this tool is among the best SERP trackers.


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Wincher also comes among the best SERP tracking tools. A Swedish company created this tool. From a visual viewpoint, the attractive thing about this tool is the minimalism. Also, they follow the same minimalistic approach in their pricing structures too. So if a user is looking to exhaust 500 keywords while receiving regular updates, the price is around $35.

So far, Wincher does not offer to track for any other platforms except Google. This puts a limitation as you will not be able to track other search engines using Wincher. However, regarding performing rank monitoring on Google, Wincher does well as it has well-designed tables and provides you with all the necessary information.

Moreover, you can personalize the columns as per your preference. Also, you can check which SERP features are more relevant to your keywords. Wincher features ‘the pages tool’, which helps you look at the areas within your content that can be made better and must be improved. The other data laid out in the tool assists a user in determining how to improve SERP ranking.



The pricing structure of Wincher is pretty economical. Here are the standard price ranges:

  • 500 keywords for around 30 Euros
  • 1K words for around 60 Euros
  • 2K words for around 100 Euros

If you go for the annual plan, you get two months free of cost.


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AccuRanker is a SERP rank tracker that enjoys a reputation of being claimed as the fastest software. A company in Denmark owns AccuRanker. With this SERP tracker, you get the ability to get a refresh of your ranking data at any time you prefer. The way this software does the application processing is very fast – making it the world’s fastest tracker available on the market. AccuRanker is designed to conjunct well with not only Google but also YouTube, Yandex, and Baidu.

One prominent thing about the tool is that its menus are clean and uncomplicated, which helps you take quick action to get the required data quickly. At the same time, the tool does very well at YouTube tracking compared to competitor tools available on the internet. 

Another good feature is segmentation, which allows you to set segments and filters for certain SERP features. Like many SERP rank tracking software, AccuRanker also displays the search volume for all the tracked keywords. The tool specializes in making work-related communication such that you can directly email ranking reports with your company’s monogram.



1K keywords: $130

1500 keywords: $190

2K keywords: $250

2K keywords: $370

If you decide to jump on the yearly payment plan, you can save up to 10% upon getting the subscription.


What’s Good About It?

The overall layout of the tools display is clean, aesthetically appealing, and easy to use. The tool tells you if your site pages rank in the featured snippet results. Also, various essential Google features are included, such as:

  • Related questions
  • Website links
  • The presence or non-presence of Ads

These are some of the critical features apart from other ones. When dealing with keywords, you’ll be able to tag and star your most important keywords – while having the freedom to request a keyword refresh anytime you want. A user can also add several domains for tracking assessment.


What Can be Made Better?

If the tracker is redesigned to show the ranking history in the main overview section fully, then that would create a positive difference. The ranking history is shown in the main overview of other competitors’ tools – which is in fact, useful.

Regarding the number of keywords that can be used, AccuRanker should also introduce plans for businesses needing to track fewer than a thousand keywords. As of now, the software is quite expensive with a minimum of 1000 keywords to start the subscription with.


Who Should Use It

Different brands and firms that seek fast ranking data, competitor ranking analysis, and API access should prefer to use AccuRanker as a good option among the best SERP tracking tools.


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The owners of Nightwatch use a very dark theme on their website, in which most of it is black colored. The same goes for their web app – a dark theme! However, the problem with a dark theme is that all the white text on top of the black background is not so readable, and that’s one of the reasons why some people would want to avoid using it.

The Nightwatch SERP ranking tracker is made by a company in Slovenia. And the great thing about it is the relatively affordable plans. The prices at which Nightwatch’s plans come are much better than the competitors. This tool is known for offering significant discounts (up to 40%) if you subscribe to the annual plan.

When it comes to the features, Nightwatch also allows you to do:

  • Backlink analysis
  • Competitor website ranking analysis
  • API access

The features mentioned above, including other functionalities, make this tool a good product with a lot to offer.



Here is the general pricing of the tool:

  • 500 keywords: $40 per month
  • 1K keywords: $100 per month
  • 5K keywords: $370 per month


What’s Good About It?

If you go for the daily updated keywords options, you will see that the annual pricing is very well-created. You can track site ranking with important information such as:

  • Local packs
  • Knowledge panels
  • Featured snippets

Apart from the Google ranking and YouTube ranking track, this tool also offers to track DuckDuckGo. A user can write personal notes in their profile, which will appear in ranking graphs. Another good thing is that the reporting emails sent to you by the tool on a weekly and monthly basis are well-crafted and contain beneficial data insights – something that the best SERP tracking tools always offer.


What Can be Made Better?

When you visit the help section, you will notice that it doesn’t offer ‘search functionality’. The customer services end needs to be improved as the agents on live chat are not as responsive as the ones from other competitor tools. When it is about going upwards to the limit of 1000 keywords, the pricing gets a bit too high, making it somewhat expensive. 


Who Should Use It?

Firms and agencies that are looking for accurate ranking analysis at a fast pace for clients. Because Nightwatch is overall not so expensive, agencies with clients can rely on this as among the best SERP tracking tools.


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Another Ukrainian SERP tracker that should be mentioned among the best SERP tracking tools is Serpstat. They claim to be serving around 100K SEO professionals worldwide. The tool enables users to do rank tracking, keyword research, backlink analysis, and website auditing. Previously, this tool also had a super economical and small plan of 200 keyword checks for only $19. However, they recently removed the plan and developed a different pricing structure.

The performance of Superstate is so good that it can be compared to giant SEO tools like Ahrefs.



After the price hauling, the tool’s cost has increased considerably. It is no more a cheap tool to use. However, the functionality it offers is worth the money. Also, if you’re looking for long-term custom plans, you can get discounted prices of up to 20%. Here is the standard pricing of the tool:

500 keywords for $70 per month

2K keywords per $150 per month


What’s Good About the Tool?

The way the ranking history is laid out and shown in the Superstat is much better than many other tools in the market – making it fall among the best SERP tracking tools. The designers have artfully used graphs and color schemes – making it convenient for the user to understand the information and have a proper idea of the current position of SEO. 


Things that Can be Made Better

If we look at Serpstat as a rank-tracking tool, its price point makes it a costly deal. In this scenario, you should use the tool for as many SEO tasks as possible. However, in terms of keyword research, you can find some better tools than Serpstat.


Who Should Use Serpstat?

The Serpstat tool is best for website owners and people who have an ecommerce store website. Because they will be able to get all-in-one SEO tasking and reporting, Serpstat will be good for them.


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The makers of Serwatch call it the most advanced ranking tracker among the best SERP tracking tools. Whether this tool is the most advanced or not is a separate debate. However, certain quirks and features about the tool make it stand out as a decent option.

In terms of features, Serpwatch offers things like:

  • White-label customer handling
  • Local ranking tools
  • Report creation and emailing

A full range of other essential features make this tool stand out.

Serpwatch offers more than two weeks of free trial – so users can try and test the tool to check for its efficacy. The day-to-day updates and the ability to request daily updates make this tool a good option at a reasonable price of $49 per month. If you subscribe to the annual payment plan, you will get 5 months of usage free of cost.



250 keywords at a price of $50

750 keywords at a cost of $100

2500 keywords for $349


What’s Good About It?

The tool makers have introduced improvements to the interface, which seems much better and refined. The current interface provides users with helpful knowledge on what measures to take to improve SERP ranking. One very useful piece of information it provides is when your site page ranks for the same keyword with different pages – a technique called ‘keyword cannibalization’. The reports that Serpwatch sends you via email are comprehensive and valuable. However, you cannot unsubscribe should you want the tool not to send you any reports.


Things that Can be Made Better? 

In this tool, sometimes the keywords go downward and then upward to their original position, which keeps happening back and forth. At the same time, if you check the ranking directly on SERPs, you may find that there is no ranking change on the SERPs. Another issue is that the keywords are arranged alphabetically, and you cannot arrange them according to search volume. Also, upon reaching the 250 keywords limit, the tool gets somewhat expensive. But still, Serpwatch comes with some excellent features.


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Being a very popular tool, you may be wondering what our thoughts about Ahrefs are regarding the best SERP tracking tools. Ahrefs is quite popular among SEO professionals due to the many great features they offer. A lot of professionals, including the ones at Globex Outreach use Ahrefs. This tool has a lot of efficacy to offer, be it keywords research or keeping track of backlinks. And what’s great is they also offer rank tracking capabilities.

When you use Ahrefs, you do not get daily updates – which is not good news regarding rank tracking. However, for a price of $180, you can exhaust 1500 keywords, and this price is set for several other features that come with the suite. Ahrefs rank tracker updates keywords after the passage of 5 days – which makes it not a good rank checker tool. The tools mentioned before Ahrefs do a much better job, and we recommend choosing from those options.