Fat chance you keep making money online with a bad reputation. So we reviewed providers that can help fix you up nice. We narrowed down our research to our top six. The best for most is Brand24. They use brand ambassadors, who reach out and respond to positive or negative comments the moment someone mentions you. Plus, with real-time negative review alerts, you get ahead of negative mentions before it’s too late.

The Best Reputation Management Software for Most

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Best for most

Keep an eye on your closest competitors using Brand24’s in-depth media monitoring and cloud-based marketing solutions. Includes content discovery and distribution features, sentiment analysis, social mention and keyword tracking, and competitor comparison capabilities. Paid plans start at $49 per month for up to five users and five keywords.

If you need help fixing your online reputation, don’t you want to go with the winning team from the start? Brand24 does this for you through its impressive 24/7 monitoring capability, identifying opportunities to improve your online standing left and right.

Most businesses think it’s all about the reviews, but what makes Brand24 great is how they educate you on your competition in ways other providers can’t. See what’s going well and develop a winning strategy for your brand. Or, address negative issues as they emerge, preventing them from becoming a bigger issue down the road.

The Best Reputation Management Software Options to Consider:

  1. Brand24 – Best for most
  2. NetReputation – Best for building a complete online presence
  3. InternetReputation.com – Best for individuals
  4. Podium – Best way to get more five-star reviews
  5. Reputation.com – Best for multi-location businesses
  6. Mention – Best for social media focused companies
  7. Swell – Best for growing local businesses
  8. Chekkit – Best for service-based businesses
  9. Chatmeter – Best for chains and franchises

When It Makes Sense to Invest In Reputation Management Software

One bad review trumps 10 good ones. and you know it. It takes years to build a great reputation and seconds to destroy it.

So it makes sense to find a way to prevent your reputation from going sour like old milk.

Startups can benefit from this software to control information about their products and reputation on the web.

In turn, they can expect more positive brand reviews and good online PR.

Another common reason to use this software is when you want to handle a crisis and repair your damaged reputation.

Bad press, a drastic product recall, or something else, reputation management software will help you see how sentiment is trending and whether your damage control efforts are working.

A less dire case that is related and every bit as common is to simply use this same method to combat or recover from a slew of negative reviews or online ratings.

Let’s say you just want to maintain your existing positive reputation.

This software helps you stay vigilant and never backslide after gaining a higher level of digital sentiment.

You can use this opportunity to collect real user feedback from verified customers to refine your service and support even further, leading to more five-star reviews.

All three scenarios can utilize the three core capabilities of good reputation management software.

The first two are obvious: it helps you monitor the reviews and digital sentiment about your brand and increase the number of positive reviews.

That leads to the third capability, which is somewhat hidden.

Because this software helps generate more reviews (particularly more glowing, five-star reviews), you also see SEO improvements as a result.

More customer reactions of the positive variety are great for ranking higher than your competition in Google’s search results.

If any of these instances rings a bell for you, definitely consider getting reputation management software. Start your search by going through our reviews below.

#1 – Brand24 – Best for Most

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Best for most

Keep an eye on your closest competitors using Brand24’s in-depth media monitoring and cloud-based marketing solutions. Includes content discovery and distribution features, sentiment analysis, social mention and keyword tracking, and competitor comparison capabilities. Paid plans start at $49 per month for up to five users and five keywords.

Sure, Brand24 is suitable for large enterprises, but we think it’s better for small and medium-sized companies. When you’re a smaller size business, a few bombs about you can tank your online reputation fast. And once you’re name is in the gutter early, it won’t be so easy to change the perception of customers. Brand24 stops this chain of events from happening.

This media monitoring tool offers the best cloud-based marketing solutions to help users with content discovery and distribution. From email notifications to daily and weekly reports to sentiment analysis, it covers all the necessary aspects of efficient reputation management.

You can have multiple projects at once that follow more than one brand or specific campaigns of a selected brand. The platform also has a comparison tool that lets you compare the results of all your projects side-by-side.

Brand24 crawls through the internet to look for every occurrence of your included keyword and then collects real-time mentions on blogs, social media platforms, discussion platforms, and even Google reviews!

Not only that, you have the option to filter the data according to day, week, or month. Other filtering criteria include sentiment-based drilling and sources.

Brand24 offers three tiers of pricing to appeal to businesses of all sizes:

  • Plus – $49 per month
  • Premium – $99 per month
  • Max – $199 per month

Get started with Brand24 and start boosting your reputation today.

#2 – NetReputation – Best for Building a Complete Online Presence

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Best for Building Online Presence

Reputation management extends well beyond agile responses to negative reviews. Build an online empire of content and web properties that always keeps your organization’s reputation glowing with NetReputation’s complete ORM software and assistance.

There are many cases where the best defense is a good offense. Your company’s online reputation is one of them.

Don’t you want reputation software that goes beyond responding to reviews and social media chatter? Fortunately, NetReputation offers and delivers a 360-degree solution for improving, building, and repairing your online reputation.

It helps you suppress negative content in search results through producing content while making your brand more visible on any number of channels.

Their five-step process begins with a thorough appraisal of where your organization currently stands. NetReputation scours the internet for content pertaining to your company, search results attached to your brand name and keywords, social media discussion, influencer, and tag analysis, and placing your current reputation and online standing against that of your competitors.

From there, they go to work. NetReputation takes that initial analysis and uses it to build a comprehensive, long-term strategy for building your online reputation through:

  • Building a presence with websites, landing pages, social profiles, Wikipedia pages, directories, and more
  • Correcting existing properties for accuracy, poor conversion, bad SEO practices, and more
  • Content development, creation, and dissemination across a wide array of channels
  • Setting up guest blogs, interviews, publication features, and other thought leadership content
  • Organic and paid promotion of new content and web properties

NetReptuation supports this ambitious route to a better online reputation through its client support professionals. They’ll stay along your side the whole way, pointing out new opportunities and adjusting strategy based on successes, setbacks, and new developments.

This is comprehensive reputation management software and service that you can wield, raising your organization’s positive standing through building a wider online presence.

Get your free consultation from NetReputation today and learn just how much they can do for you. They’ll help you rise above your competitors and cut through the rest of the chatter online.

#3 – InternetReputation.com – Best Reputation Management for Individuals

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Best for Individuals

Individuals with aspirations in the business, public sector, or online worlds can really benefit from ORM software and services. InternetReputation.com provides one of the best such offerings for individual people wanting to build their personal brands. With their services, you can get the same level of ORM help that businesses are offered for yourself.

Online reputation management (ORM) providers make it easier on businesses to track and improve digital sentiment through robust software. But where are the options for the emerging group of individuals who could use the same insights?

Enter InternetReputation.com.

They give people a centralized service for monitoring and addressing their online reputation. Build up positive sentiment, combat negative search results, and track your progress as you build a better individual online presence.

That’s huge for a variety of individuals, from entrepreneurs and professionals looking to build up their bona fides to social media influencers and aspiring public figures who want to make sure search results attached to their name come back squeaky clean.

Get the metrics you want to measure for alongside InternetReputation.com’s reputation-boosting services and a portal for ordering services (such as bespoke content creation) that can help your efforts bear fruit.

InternetReputation.com delivers the ORM support that help both business and individuals see results. They help develop SEO-bolstered content to raise up good search results and suppress negative ones while going the extra mile on actions like:

  • Identify and eliminate negative Google autocomplete search terms
  • Assist with taking legal action against libelous content
  • Responding to negative comments, mentions, and interactions
  • Outright removing inaccurate and damaging content and search results

Whether you want to boost your personal brand’s stock or polish away negative sentiment, reach out to InternetReputation.com today for a free consultation on what they can do for you.

#4 – Podium – Best Way to Get More Five-Star Reviews

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Best for Getting More 5-Star Reviews

This messaging platform helps you strike while the iron is hot–when customers wrap up a positive interaction with your sales, service, or support teams, just send them an SMS link through Podium to direct them where to leave their glowing review.

Nothing works better to maintain a positive business reputation than continually generating good reviews. And nothing works better at encouraging customers to leave five-star reviews than Podium.

This is messaging software that contains multiple ways of improving your company’s standing in the eyes of consumers.

At its heart, Podium helps your customer service and sales teams quickly respond to customer and prospect inquiries though a unified dashboard. This platform brings together communication across Google, Facebook Messenger, text messaging, and more.

All of it’s in one place, so you can always see customer interaction histories, their preferred channels, and be notified of new messages as they arrive.

Because of how swift it’ll make your response times, communicating with customers through Podium unlocks a special way to boost your reputation. When your prompt service impresses someone, your team can capitalize on the customer’s happy feelings by ending the conversation with a text message that encourages them to leave a glowing review.

Within that text is a link that points to wherever you want them to review your company, from Google and Facebook to industry and niche-specific sites like Trustpilot or Avvo.

Better still, Podium throws in a free, textable business number for your company, so customers can text you for assistance (which will show up directly in the Podium dashboard).

And the software even contains a webchat tool, so you can add another channel of communication—a live chat widget—on your websites.

You can try all these features for free with Podium Starter. When you’re ready to step up to the full-featured version, just request a quote on their website.

On the full version, you can gain additional tools like team messaging, SMS marketing campaigns, and text-based payment collection.

There’s no more need for a disorganized reputation strategy that has you chasing down reviews across several different sites and company pages. Get Podium and make it a cinch to encourage your happy customers to leave glowing feedback for the world to see.

#5 – Reputation.com – Best For Large Multi-Location Businesses

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Best for Multi-Location Businesses

Reputation.com is al all-in-one reputation management platform used to help businesses rank higher in local searches, boost star ratings, and stream those reviews on a per-location basis. Users can also leverage a proprietary reputation score to learn more about their reputation success and failures. Includes all the features you need as a large, multi-location business.

Reputation.com claims to have invented the online reputation management category and be the only reputation management company to offer an all-in-one platform. The company was founded in 2013 in Silicon Valley and is a market leader in its niche. 

Businesses can use the software to rank higher in local searches and boost star ratings across all of the top sites. The reviews can then be streamed to each of your locations’ web pages.

One of the more unique features of Reputation.com is its proprietary Reputation Score that gives users insights into where their business is winning and where it’s falling short. 

This is a report card that measures how your business is found, chosen, and experienced – both online and onsite. The grading is done on a scale of 100 to 1,000 and calculated using nine unique factors.

Reputation.com’s clientele includes several bigshots that have multi-location operations, such as Public Storage, Pearle Vision, Ford, Nissan, and US Bank. 

However, we’d like to point out that Reputation.com isn’t suitable for small or medium-sized businesses – or if your business is outside their wheelhouse – since it’s built for scale.

We couldn’t find any pricing or plans on Reputation.com’s website. Users are directed to request a demo or to call a sales phone number.

#6 – Mention – Best For Social Media-Focused Organizations

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Best for Social-Heavy Businesses

Mention helps businesses analyze and understand posts made about their businesses across various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. With it you can identify conversation trends, filter results, re-publish user content, identify influencers and important hashtags, and set up custom mention notifications across platforms. Paid plans start at $25 per month for one user and up to 5,000 mentions.

Having a social media presence helps companies attract and retain customers. And if social media is how you connect with your target audience, Mention could be a good match for your brand.

The software allows you to analyze and understand posts made across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. It also helps identify conversation trends and carry out data filtering. Direct publishing on social media is also possible thanks to its drafting and scheduling options.

You’ll get notifications every time someone talks about your brand, your products, or just about anything related to you thanks to Mention crawling forums and social media sites. You can mine insights from competitor brands and industry niches and then use them to create your own content, too. 

Mention gets granular when it comes to monitoring specific social media sites. It has the capability to identify potentially useful hashtags, influencers, and images. All of the social media statistics are featured on a dashboard that can be filtered by source, location, or any number of other useful data points.

Over 4,000 enterprise clients such as Spotify, Airbnb, MIT, and Microsoft use Mention. It has over 750,000 users worldwide in 125+ countries.

Mention offers four plans to users, along with the option to pay for them on a monthly or yearly basis. They are:

  • Solo – $25 per month
  • Pro – $83 per month
  • ProPlus – $167 per month
  • Company – Starting from $450 per month

The prices mentioned above are payable yearly. If you opt for the monthly plans, you’ll have to pay extra.

#7 – Swell – Best For Local Businesses 

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Best for Local Businesses

Swell is a growth platform built specifically for local businesses looking to convert customers into marketing machines. With it, you can set up automatic review requests, send customizable text messages, and leverage templates to speed up the process. Choose from a variety of products designed to help you grow your business while connecting with customers on the platforms they’re already using. Pricing starts at $199 per month paid annually.

Swell aims to convert your current customers into a marketing machine, allowing you to scale your business by putting your reputation to work. 

It knows when and how to ask your customers to leave reviews for your business. It connects with them by sending customizable, automated text messages with invitations to leave a review on Google, Facebook, or a dozen other platforms. 

The platform also offers built-in templates to make it easy for businesses to respond to reviews.

Swell makes it simple for businesses to engage with their local customers and gain more visibility. It’s geared towards small and mid-size businesses who may not have the time or resources to dedicate to scaling their companies through reputation management. 

In fact, it works best for businesses that have brick-and-mortar locations in the healthcare, retail, restaurants, fitness, or real estate industries. 

There are a variety of Swell products to promote customer engagement to help your business get tons of reviews to boost your search rankings and online reputation. This can also establish you as an authoritative and reliable brand.

Swell enjoys positive accolades with over 2.1 million reviews and an average customer review score of 4.8 out of 5. 

We particularly liked how Swell has kept things simple with its pricing. Currently, there are two plans available:

  • Annual Plan – $199
  • Monthly Plan – $249

There’s also the option of volume pricing available for businesses with multiple locations.

#8 – Chekkit – Best For Service-Based Businesses

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Best for Service-Based Businesses

Connect with your customers on a personal level while encouraging positive reviews using Checkkit’s review management platform. It integrates with Google, Facebook, and various other review platforms to help centralize review management in one location. Includes templates, custom notifications, and a tool for directly messaging with customers. Enjoy no long-term contracts and full transparency starting at $99 per month with essential features.

Reputation management is equally necessary for service-based businesses such as dentists, brokers, and chiropractors. 

You see, these businesses don’t only want good reviews – they also want to connect with their customers in a more personal way. So, the needs are unique but still relevant, which is something that Chekkit can help meet. 

Chekkit integrates with Google, Facebook, and other industry-specific review platforms to streamline all reputation management activities. The software also has templates, notifications, and an app for sending and receiving messages from customers. The app is especially helpful for keeping all your messages from Facebook, Google, video, and SMS on one dashboard.

Chekkit is dedicated to offering affordable solutions, keeping it in line with the limited budgets of service-based businesses. 

It claims to be fiercely independent and not reliant on lining investor’s pockets to succeed, making the platform one of the few reputation management companies who are fully transparent about their offering and why it has cheaper prices in comparison to its rivals.

Who doesn’t like quality service without having to break the bank?

Chekkit’s subscription is month-to-month with a cancel-at-any-time policy. The two plan options are: 

  • Chekkit Essentials Plan – $99 per month 
  • Chekkit Premium Plan – $199 per month

Also, if you pay a year upfront you’ll get a 15% discount on subscription fees. 

 #9 – Chatmeter – Best For Chains and Franchisees

Chatmeter Logo


Best for Chains and Franchises

Leverage listing management and review monitoring capabilities to ensure brand consistency across every location. Includes restaurant performance monitoring at the national, regional, or store level with segmented reports and convenient comparisons. Includes review trend analysis, competitor comparisons, and review response tools. Product pricing isn’t available online.

Chatmeter helps franchisees and chains keep their local reputation in line with corporate values. 

The software uses listing management and review monitoring tactics to maintain brand consistency at each of your chain’s locations. It allows you to analyze restaurant performance at the national, regional, or store location levels and then create segmented reports based on any grouping. Store comparison charts give a convenient side-by-side look at your top performers.

Chatmeter’s innovative review management platform allows you to monitor reviews, track review quality and quantity, measure against competitors, and review rating trends – with all data organized and segmented. There are also review responding tools to make it simpler to engage and handle your chain’s customers.

You can also create custom feedback surveys to learn about your customers’ wants and needs before they end up in your reviews. 

One of the best features of Chatmeter is its advanced sentiment analysis called Pulse. 

You can use Pulse to break down the sentiment of every review your business receives, helping you get inside the minds of your customers and learn how they view your franchises. This helps you take prompt action to resolve any issues.

Methodology For Choosing The Best Reputation Management Software

Certain factors have to be taken into consideration before choosing the right reputation management solution for your business. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of such factors that will make it easier for you to narrow down your options.


The software you choose should be user-friendly and easy to integrate into your current system. Steer clear from options that require on-site installation or have problems integrating with systems and tools you already pay for.

Review Responding

Make sure your review management software allows you to quickly and easily respond to reviews. This will increase your chances of converting reviews into returning customers. 

It’s the easiest way to connect with customers and understand how they perceive your brand and product or service. Since the whole point of getting the software is to build a positive online presence, this becomes necessary.

You should acknowledge compliments and express your desire to improve in cases of negative reviews.

Mention Monitoring

You need a mention monitoring system in your chosen reputation management software, especially if you don’t miss out on any key mention or information about your brand on online media, including news websites, blogs, forums, and listings.

A software tool that enables mention monitoring will help you track down any brand or product mention and gather crucial information to strategize competitive marketing plans.

Review Monitoring

All reputation management software offers a review monitoring feature, but it’s the methodology of how they allow you to monitor reviews that separates a good tool from a bad tool.

You should be able to monitor reviews from all websites and receive real-time alerts for every new input. This will help you monitor your customer’s feedback more efficiently and reduce the possibility of missing out on any reviews, whether positive or negative.

Social Monitoring

Choose an advanced reputation management software that provides the option to monitor social media. This is crucial for understanding your customer‘s point of view.

For this, however, you must have your own social media pages where customers can post reviews about the products and services you offer. The idea here is to stay on top of trends, build long-lasting customer relationships, generate new leads, and protect your brand’s reputation – all of which social monitoring helps ensure.

Industry Niche and Business Size

All businesses have unique needs. For instance, a local restaurant won’t have the same means or needs as a SaaS start-up, and neither will a chain of franchisees as a Fortune 500 e-commerce company.

You have to choose software based on your business size and industry niche for the best results. 

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Best for most

Keep an eye on your closest competitors using Brand24’s in-depth media monitoring and cloud-based marketing solutions. Includes content discovery and distribution features, sentiment analysis, social mention and keyword tracking, and competitor comparison capabilities. Paid plans start at $49 per month for up to five users and five keywords.

Wrapping Up

Efficient reputation management can help maximize revenue, which is why businesses should take the initiative to perform simple tasks. Claiming review management profiles, responding to reviews, and even requesting reviews – every little thing counts!

Choosing the best reputation management software depends on your unique needs. For example, Brand24 would be better for most business but if your businesses has unique circumstances that cause you to opt for Mention, that’s cool too. 

Nevertheless, you are sure to find the right tool by referring to our top picks. Don’t forget to use the methodology we discussed above to narrow down your options.