I did one of my regular updates on my so-far-so-good Avast Anti-Virus software today, and got to thinking:

The computer’s like a brain, right? 

A big flaky, vulnerable brain, that we look after like a baby. Heck, I even dust out my cooling fans every few months.

I’m sure you’re the same, at least a bit.

So why the hell don’t we look after our ACTUAL brains that well?

When was the last time you did any essential brain-maintenance, like:

  • Staying away from rolling news
  • Stopping comparing yourself to others
  • Clearing out the junk in your life and business
  • Deliberately refreshing your mind, habits and results
  • Super-hydrating to replenish and cool your overheated brain-cells
  • Feeding it with actual brain-food instead of deadly sugars and other toxins
  • Spending enough time in sleep mode to stop your head spinning for a while?

Also, much though we look after our computers, we get to replace them every-so-often, and we can never do that with our brains.

Next time you run a virus scan on your device, do one on your head.

It’s indescribably more valuable.

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