10 Points to Remember before you Shop anything from Ecommerce Shopping Sites: Tips for Online Shoppers or Buyers.


Tips for Online Shoppers to Shop Safely, Securely, and Enjoyably!


Today we are living in the digital world, and almost all of us shop online items of our needs because online shopping provides so many comforts to us while sitting at home. But there are many factors of which we are unaware, and by knowing them, we can make our shopping experience, even more, better and hassle free.

You may already have heard a lots of gossips about the bad incidences people went through while shopping on the Internet.

There have been different types of news doing rounds about online frauds, cheats, hacks, and thefts of smaller or bigger level every now and then. Being alert while doing shopping on ECommerce Sites becomes a more important concern especially in the time when the trends of ecommerce is increasing drastically all across the world.


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10 Important Things to Remember while Buying Products from Ecommerce Sites


This article is based on the same topic to address some issues and provide some handy tips to our readers who frequently do shop online.

Thus, our today’s discussion is on the same topic, and I will tell you about the 10 Things to Know before shopping anything Online.


10 Online Shopping Tips for Buyers on How to Shop Safely, Securely On the Internet

10 Things to Know before Shopping Online from Ecommerce Sites


So here the list of points begins:-


1. Check the Security of the Shopping Website:-


Security Check: Yes, it is one of the important things you need to check while shopping online as at the time of making transactions we have to share confidential information with the eCommerce platform, like credit or debit card information and which shouldn’t go into wrong hands.


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Make Sure the Website is Secure for Online Safety


That’s why just perform a check on the security of the website thereby looking for “https” in address bar (as it indicates website has a secure socket layer certificate.)


2. Careful at Writing the Spellings


As far as online shopping is concerned to try to shop from the trusted websites only.
Along with that also be careful while typing the website address as a small spelling mistake can lead you to the exactly same looking websites with a very minute change in it.


There are lots of fake websites with Similar names to the Popular sites


For Example .net in place of .com or “0 (Zero)” at the end of your domain name instead of “O” (for instance Yahoo). These websites are known as phishing sites.

Thus, keep complete attention on these very little points while you are shopping online as most of us don’t do so.


3. Don’t Give Information Which Is Not Important


Have you seen any online shopping platforms asking you for the information which is not necessary? If yes, then do not provide that information like social security number or date of birth to that website and if it is mandatory then do not make a purchase from that site.



Do not fill unnecessary Information which is optional


As it is not necessary but the chances are that if it belongs to intruders or attackers, then it can do a lot of harm for along with combining it with your credit card details.

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4. Go for Off-Season Shopping


Off-season shopping is one of the best ways to save a handsome amount of money and also a factor to keep in mind before online shopping. As many online shopping websites reduce their prices for products during the off-season.

Thus, by doing shopping during the off-season can be proving to be a matter of benefit. For example, you can buy a hoody or sweater in summer and shorts in winter.


5. Make Use of Strong Passwords


Create Strong Passwords on Shopping Sites


While doing online shopping always try to create strong passwords to make them less breakable. It is because as secure as your password will be it will take more time to get it decoded. Don’t save sensitive passwords in your browser.



6. Don’t Use Public Terminal while Purchasing Online


Always try to use your personal computer for online shopping and avoid using public terminals for online shopping.

It is because if you have the habit of closing the browser without logging out or even having a habit of storing passwords in the browser then you are providing an open door for snoopers to take advantage of your this habit.


7. Check Reviews Before Purchasing


Along with keeping above factors in mind also don’t forget to check reviews for the products or product you are going to purchase. It is because it tells you a lot about the product and helps you to take the right decision.

It helps you to know whether the money you are spending to purchase the product is worth it or not.



8. Compare the prices of products with the help of price comparing websites


It is a fact that different online shopping sites charge differently for the same product. Thus, you can see these variations in prices with the help of price comparing websites like NextagPricegrabber, and Shopzilla, etc.

And the best thing about these websites is that these sites show prices of different portals all in one spot.


9. Check Out Delivery Charges


Most of the time we don’t pay much attention on shipping charges of the products during our online shopping and later which becomes a headache for us. Thus, before going for online shopping don’t forget to read the complete description of the product.

As it will not only save your money but will also help you to buy some other item with the same amount your pay for shipping. ( In case the cost with the shipping price does not fit into your budget).


10. Directly Visit to Original Site Without Following Any Coupon Link From Unknown Source


It is also a thing to know before online shopping. Yes, many times we see coupon links on different sites we visit which seems to be from original vendors. But all the times it is not true. Fraudsters make them seem original by doing cross-site scripting to craft hyperlinks and create an illusion of being original merchant website.

Thus, as long as you are not sure about the coupon links (whether they are from original vendor or not) do not click on them and provide your details.

Thus, on that note just keep the points mentioned above in mind before going to shop online to make it an amazing experience.

Also, I am hopeful that these points to know before online shopping will help you in a realistic manner. So share your views on it with us in the comment section below.

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