shutterstock_655446364Most business-to-business marketing is dreadfully boring. It’s like B2B means “be too boring”!

Why is that? I think marketers get hung up on that “business” word and forget that they should be communicating to people.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Take the boring out of B2B

Communicate with people.

Always focus on the people you want to reach. People like to participate with others like them, to be a part of a tribe.

Be more than your products.

You need to understand your buyer personas. What are their problems? What words and phrases do they use? How can you connect with them?

Eliminate gobbledygook.

Be aware that the innovative, cutting-edge, mission-critical, best-of-breed language that B2B companies use turns people off. Using the same inane language as everybody else ensures you are lost in the crowd.

Get rid of stock models.

Stock photos of people who you put forward as your customers and employees screams “I don’t care.”

Use humor.

Really! Go ahead and show that you’ve got a personality.

Always remember that you are communicating with people who are just like you.

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