You know what’s one of the deadliest weapons in your armoury?

Your ego.

If it’s loaded and you’re open-carrying it, it could go off at any time.

The consequences of an unfettered ego can be dire:

  • You refuse to swallow the sunk costs of the failed project that’s got you where you are right now
  • You push back from engaging a coach who could help you grow, and quickly
  • You’re blind to collaboration opportunities with “competitors” who could share the journey with you
  • Your ideal clients regard you as boastful, noisy and aloof, which don’t impress them much
  • You believe the modicum of success you’ve achieved is 100% down to you (LOL)

However long we made that list, there’d be nothing good in it.

Curb. Your. Ego.

It’s never all about you.