There are several hundred pages on Fractl’s site, and only nine have any brief reference to a PDF, most of which are white papers with digital PR research.

We have zero interest in publishing an article on “PDF merging tools,” and we’ve never accepted a guest post.

So, what’s going on?

The targeting is completely irrelevant.

For a decade now, I’ve cautioned marketers about the “robot invasion in Digital PR”, where agencies prioritize emailing hundreds of writers in one fell swoop, instead of building a relationship with the person on the other side of the inbox.

There’s only one way for writers to receive these emails: spam. 

Sure, maybe your agency charges you less for this scaled outreach strategy, but the long-term negative impact on your brand authority in the newsroom can be severely detrimental.

In my 1:1 interviews with top-tier editors and our large-scale studies with thousands of writers, the universal truth is that poor targeting is the #1 way to get blocked from a publisher’s inbox.

If you’re going to waste an editorial team’s time spamming them with irrelevant content, why should they accept emails from your domain on their server?

Is a sitewide ban a risk you’re willing to take with your brand? 

Instead of advocating for mass outreach at Fractl, I’ve worked to train our Digital PR team on…

How to personalize strategies from end-to-end, through:

  • List building
  • Social media networking
  • Subject lines, introductions
  • The pitch strategy
  • The closing
  • The follow up

This personalized strategy has resulted in every single person on our team earning compliments on our pitches, from publishers most agencies never even hear back from: