A new business website will not drive traffic automatically until it is optimised for SEO (search engine optimisation) for search engines crawling and rankings for search engines page results. Having a website for your business or organisation does not mean it will automatically drive the audience into it. So, before you launch your new business website, I think you need to be aware of the information I’m about to share with you.

You may not have been told this, possibly by your web designer who always eagerly waiting to collect his full payment for your well-designed website, that, no matter how good your website is; in terms of aesthetics and usability- nobody will know about your website until a couple of things is done. In fact, no one will know about your business website except those you probably inform by month.

Then, the question is, ”how many people can you tell with a word of mouth?”. Obviously, your numbers will be limited.

Having Facebook, Twitter, Instagram e.t.c, business pages for your business also does not mean it will automatically drive audience/customers as well. No, it won’t!

Do You Know?

Stats show that we have about 350 websites loaded online every minute. Yes, every minute!

But do you know that many of them will be unknown nor bring any profit to the owner? Why? Because an online business is a competitive market.

Your business website will be competing with thousands of others. It is a competitive market. You are competing with the already established brand. Those who already have loyal customers who voluntarily do word of mouth promotion for them. Or you are competing with those partnering with Influencers for leverage.

Cheer up, this post is not about demoralizing you, nor aimed at creating fear in you but to bring you good news. The good news that the help of an expert like me as a digital marketer will help you strategise without you breaking a bank.

Business Strategy Is Key

Success with your business website requires a strategy. We will help you strategise and enhance your business productivity and revenue by a step by step digital marketing effort you need for you to achieve your set out objectives. This is where we come in as digital marketer to give you and your business an edge over the competition.

Website Optimisation Is Gold 

A website not recognised by search engines is a business lost, and all efforts put into the development and design of the website will be a waste. Every website needs to be evaluated by search engines for relevance before assigning it for search terms ranking. At digitalnobleman our services are to help you implement various ways your business could be found in search engines high ranking position to give you a happy return on your investment (ROI).

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