Google I/O 2023 takes us on an awe-inspiring journey as Google’s search engine undergoes a magnificent transformation through the advent of the groundbreaking Generative AI update. Witness the fusion of innovation and Optimisation, where each search experience becomes an impeccable symphony of precision, relevance, and effortless discovery. Content creators and marketers, be prepared to embrace the seismic implications of this update on SEO strategies, as we unlock the secrets to bolstering our online visibility. 

Let’s delve into the mystical depths of the Google Generative AI update, unravelling its enigmatic features and unveiling its profound impact for the future of SEO with AI in 2023 and beyond. Can AI do SEO? Let’s find out together.

Google Generative AI in search

Unleashing the power of Google Generative AI in search

Imagine a search engine that understands not just the keywords you type but the context behind your queries. That is exactly what Google Generative AI in search brings to the table. Powered by cutting-edge AI models like Google BERT, this revolutionary integration takes search results to a whole new level. By comprehending the intricacies of language, it remarkably accurate and relevant answers while unravelling complex inquiries. As a result, content prioritisation, ranking, and the importance of structured data (schema) may undergo significant shifts. Brace yourself for a smarter, more intuitive search experience using Google Generative AI. 

Impact of Generative AI on SEO:

Do more with a single search:

In the world of SEO, it is easy to believe that more queries automatically equate to greater conversions and brand exposure opportunities. However, the truth lies beyond sheer numbers. While a decrease in searches may appear discouraging, it presents an opportunity to focus on the quality of traffic and user engagement. Rather than chasing quantity, emphasis can be placed on attracting qualified leads. Verticals like e-commerce and publishing can be placed on attracting qualified leads. Verticals like e-commerce and publishing may experience a decline in traffic, but it’s an opportunity to refine targeting and deliver a more personalised user journey. Remember, success in SEO isn’t solely measured by traffic volume but by its impact on your bottom line. 

Revolutionise longtail queries with AI Snapshots:

For ages, Google has struggled to deliver satisfactory answers to longtail queries. But fear not, a game-changing solution is here! Say hello to AI Snapshots, the antidote to Google’s traditional shortcomings. Leveraging the power of PaLM 2, these dynamic search results offer direct answers paired with three relevant web links. The implications for SEO are immense. With the prominence of SERP features and ads dwindling, longtail queries become the golden ticket to high-quality traffic and impressive click-through rates. Ranking in the coveted AI Snapshot link carousel might just become the Holy Grail of SEO. Did you notice that some SERPs now showcase only three organic results beneath the captivating AI Snapshot? The times are changing! 

Explore the three playing fields:

In the ever-evolving world of SEO, the landscape has transformed into three distinct playing fields, AI Snapshots, non-AI results, and perspective. These new arenas are intricately shaped by expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. The AI Snapshot link carousel reigns supreme, attracting the lion’s share of search traffic. However, it imposes limitations favouring high authority and expertise in web results. Just below, we find the realm of authentic, first-hand experience results. Here, content emphasising individual experiences, particularly from experts, will thrive. Finally, the perspectives tab unveils a fresh playing field for creators, offering an opportunity for easier ranking based on a new set of signals. The SEO game has transformed, presenting novel challenges and promising opportunities for those who adapt. 

Thumbnail Optimisation:

In this era of evolving search surfaces, the influence of image thumbnails as attention-grabbing elements cannot be underestimated. From AI Snapshots to classic web results and perspectives, images emerge as a potent lever to captivate users and drive clicks. It’s time for SEOs to take a page from the Youtuber’s playbook, as they have long understood the art of thumbnail Optimisation. As the playing field expands, new techniques will arise to make thumbnails truly stand out. Mastering the art of compelling visual representation will be crucial for SEO success in the ever-competitive digital landscape. Get ready to harness the power of image thumbnail Optimisation and seize your audience’s attention like never before. 

Google’s Watermark and tag initiative against AI-generated content:

In the battle against AI-generated content, Google is leaving no stone unstoned. With an unwavering determination to detect and tackle this emerging challenge, Google SEO updates 2023 recognises that the issue lies not with AI content itself but rather its quality. While SEO experts may view AI content as a concern primarily in terms of low quality, Google, as a platform, collaborates with industry leaders like Midjourney and Shutterstock, as well as other generative AI tools, to implement meta tags and watermarks. Similar to how search engines adhere to common standards, these measures fortify Google’s stance against misleading AI content, safeguarding the integrity of the platform and the user experience. 


As the curtain falls on Google I/O 2023, the radiant future of SEO with AI unveils, inviting us to embrace its transformative path. Navigate these changes, adapt with zeal, and embark on an exhilarating journey of boundless possibilities, exploring how AI impacts SEO strategy in 2023.

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