Why do you use Google? Chances are it’s whenever you have a question or need something. Just Google it… well as it turns out, your law firm’s potential new clients (PNCs) do it too.

“Where can I find the best family attorney in Katy, Texas?”

“What was the 80’s movie with that guy?”

People spend a lot of time on trivial searches, in fact Google now receives around 60,000 inquiries a second. But they also turn to Google for very serious reasons like legal advice or to find a lawyer.

Now, regardless of how you and I may feel about the quality of legal advice people may find online, this is a phenomenon that’s not going away any time soon. And it’s the perfect opportunity to reach people in need of legal representation with a law firm FAQ.

What Is a Legal FAQ?

An FAQ is a collection of frequently asked questions on a website. It’s intended to support potential and existing clients. You can and should have more than one FAQ to answer questions people ask surrounding a specific topic for which your firm represents clients.

A well-designed FAQ can be a phenomenal search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing tool, especially in law because people have endless questions. A law firm FAQ is not intended to give legal advice, per se. You can only do that after you explore someone’s unique situation. You can mark up your general FAQ page with FAQPage Schema and more in-depth Questions & Answer content with QASchema.

So Instead, a Legal FAQ becomes a centralized resource where people can get general yet useful information about their rights as Texans, Texas law, and navigating the Texas legal system. Add a few strategically placed call-to-action buttons and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Good QA Content Examples

Examples of question/answer content that we’ve successfully implemented for clients includes but is not limited to:

  • Searches for punishment of crimes in specific states (for example, dwi Texas punishment)
  • Statute of limitations for specific lawsuits (for example, mesothelioma lawsuit years)
  • Family courthouse virtual filing availability by county


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Why Do You Need a Legal FAQ for SEO?

1. Engagement = Visitors Spend More Time of Your Site

To determine which websites get top spots in Google search results, Google considers how visitors interact with a website and specific page. Are people clicking on things? Do they spend time there? Or do they back out quickly?

Well written law firm FAQs command attention because they anticipate real questions visitors may have in a very digestible way. And if your FAQ is easy to navigate, they’ll find all the answers they need on your website instead of bouncing back to Google.

2. FAQs Build Trust with Clients

FAQs build trust with individuals. Visitors see that you answer their questions clearly and understandably, even ones they haven’t though to ask. This helps them feel confident that you care about your clients and genuinely want to help. As it becomes clearer to them that they do not want to navigate the legal system alone, you’re already on their radar.

3. FAQs Build Trust with Google

Trust is also important to Google and an integral part of SEO. Google only ranks websites that have proven they can provide helpful information. Legal websites fall under the umbrella Google calls YMYL (your money your life) because the quality of search results may directly affect either your money, your life, or both. Google has stated that YMYL websites should focus on Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness; another acronym called EAT.

4. They Answer Quick Questions More Directly

Google search results are the go-to source for the quick answer. Blog posts can be a great SEO tool because you can provide so much useful information. But sometimes, a quick and very direct answer will better serve the client.

And the great thing is that over the coming years you can keep adding to this “just the facts” type of content, continually improving both the usefulness and ranking over time.

5. Becomes a Link Magnet

When a page gets quality links from other websites, Google sees this as a vote of confidence. It shows that others consider you a trustworthy part of the Internet community. Websites naturally link to you most often when they believe that the link will guide their own audience to more helpful information.

Focus on making your FAQs both helpful and user friendly and it will get upvoted naturally.

6. Prove Expertise

The days when a law degree on a wall proved your ability to support a client are over. People do their homework and have more tools to do it. They verify, then trust. FAQs show rather than tell that you have the experience someone is looking for. How many successful outcomes have you had in trial? How many years have you handled this type of case? Are you board certified? Have you won any awards or earned recognition? Have you published articles, videos? Were you interviewed to give your expert opinion?

FAQs are a great opportunity to demonstrate why someone should choose your firm over another.

7. Potential to Rank in Many Searches

FAQs are built around 100s or thousands of real Google queries that get real traffic. Increase your chances of ranking in more important searches.

8. Increased Potential for Featured Snippets

If you provide a very useful and concise answer to a question, Google may choose to feature your answer at the top of Google search results in a featured snippet. Marking up your content with FAQPage or QAPage schema helps, but so does speakable content schema. Because a law firm FAQ answers many questions, you have some chance to get featured, improving your overall odds of earning this prized location in search results.

9. Great for Local SEO

Your most likely clients are in your local area. And Google gives preference to local websites when the searcher is in their geographic area. Therefore, FAQ content gives you an opportunity to provide local and Texas-specific information to provide the most relevant information to searchers.

Frequently Asked Questions Content for Legal SEO

Ultimately, if you want to rank well in Google, you must show you can provide helpful answers to the Internet’s questions. Creating legal question & answer content is a direct and effective way to do this. If you want to gain an edge on the competition in search, continue expanding your QA content and improving existing.

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