Do you want to be your own boss and walk to the bank smiling every month? Well, the only place you get to dictate yourself is in your business. You plan your schedule, and nobody tells you how to meet your goals. 

If you are looking forward to starting a business this year, you should do extensive market research. Market research helps you determine the right product and service to offer. Here is what you should know when you look forward to starting a small business in the 20th century.

  • Most business ideas involve an online aspect. That means you have to incorporate e-commerce into your business ideas.
  • When choosing a business idea, you should always go for what you have some experience about or are passionate about. This way, you can know how to cope up with the challenges you meet.
  • Determine if there is demand for the goods and services you are looking forward to providing in your business.

Starting with a great business idea helps you stand out in the crowd and gives you the chance to grow over time. 

You need this article if you are looking forward to starting a business this year. If you are having trouble articulating your ideas and taking that first step, this article will help you a lot.

These are some of the business ideas you can articulate and venture into:

1. Business Consultancy 

Start a consultant business if you are passionate and more knowledgeable about a specific topic. It could be leadership, human resource, social media, communication, or business. 

Whichever area you are more experienced in, you can always turn that into business and make some money.

You can start a consultant business on your own and grow your business over time. Hire other consultants to join your company and improve your business to something big.

2. Specialty Travel Tours 

In this era travel and tours are lucrative businesses you don’t want to think twice when investing. You can make a tailored travel tour company that caters to individual lifestyle preferences. 

For instance, the tour startup can be made for food-based tours, solo travelers, and age-based tour clients. You will gain traction across various demographics, and your business will pick up smoothly.

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3. Destination Wedding

Become a destination wedding planner and make your way to the top. Wedding couples go through a lot of stress when planning for weddings. Make this stress a business by helping couples plan their wedding. Help couples plan for their wedding in different parts of the globe and enjoy the process. 

If you love to tour the world and explore, this can be another chance to convert your hobby to a business. This should be a startup idea if you don’t mind working for long hours, and you can also work under pressure.

4. Grocery Delivery Service 

If you are thinking food, then there are plenty of opportunities in the industry. You can start a grocery delivery service in your local area. It doesn’t cost that much to get started with a grocery delivery business.

You can help people or senior citizens who don’t have the time to shop to get this important foodstuff right to their doorstep. If you don’t have enough capital, you can ask the local store to partner with you.

5. Event Planning Company 

Start an event planning company in your area if you want to make some cash. This is one way of getting in touch with your local community. If you want to venture into this business, you should be ready to conduct thorough research.

For instance, you should know the kind of events that are most likely to occur in your area. It would help if you also networked with other companies in the area for more tips. Start an event planning company remotely and assure your clients’ ultimate flexibility.

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6. Coworking Space 

Online entrepreneurs go through a lot. The pain of working at home and having to deliver projects in time is immeasurable. You can tap into this by starting a coworking business. 

Create a modern coworking space for entrepreneurs. Pick a convenient and reliable location that most people will relate to. The location should have some of the essential amenities.

7. Online Reseller 

If you are more passionate about reselling and clothing, you might consider starting an online reseller business. 

It takes a lot of time to gain insights into fashion and convert that into a full-time job. You need an eye for fashion – know what most people are looking for in attire.

Market your products online and increase your customer base. You can start using online store websites like Mercari and Poshmark and start selling unwanted clothing. Enlarge your wings and start your own website after your business picks.

8. Online Teaching 

Everything is going online today, including education. If you are a professional teacher, you can start an online course and begin teaching people from all walks of life. The increasing demand for online education is opening immense opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their businesses. 

You can choose any subject you are knowledgeable about and start teaching people regardless of your current location. If you don’t know other disciplines, you can consider teaching English as a foreign language online.

9. Online Bookkeeping 

Online bookkeeping is in high demand today, and you can start this business whenever you are. The current technology allows for bookkeeping to be done online and remotely. If you are a bookkeeper or an accountant who desires to start a business, you can grab this opportunity and make a hustle out of your career.

Take advantage of the existing technology and start online bookkeeping services for some of the leading companies.

10. Medical Courier

If you have good management skills and a reliable vehicle, you can start a medical courier service. As a driver, your work will involve transporting medical items like prescription drugs, lab specimens, and equipment.

The medical industry keeps expanding every day, and this opens more doors for side hustles. You can start a medical courier service business and make some money. With time you can have a fleet and hire more drivers to join you.

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11. App Developer 

If you are passionate about technology, there is a lot you can do. For instance, you can become an app developer and help businesses design and build apps. There has been an increasing demand for mobile applications, given the growth of the smartphone industry.

Many people are looking for apps that can help them with almost everything like fitness, homework, work schedule, online shopping, and many more. As an app developer, you can design, build, and sell your apps online.

12. Transcription Services 

Transcription business is the way to go if you can type very fast and have good ears to listen. This is a great business idea that allows you to work right in the comfort of your home. As voice recognition technology proliferates for healthcare dictation, medical transcription services are now growing in demand.

You can make transcription a part-time job if you have other businesses to attend to. Bid and accept a few transcription jobs you can handle at your convenience. For instance, in medical transcription, you can charge up to 14 cents per line of transcription. This can quickly add up and earn you some good money at the end of the day. 

There is little startup cost for freelance transcription service, and that means you are always ready to begin small and grow with time.

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13. Cleaning Services

If you love to keep things clean, you can turn that into a business. You only need a few staff members, cleaning supplies, and some means of transportation and you are good to go. 

You can be offering cleaning services to apartments, homeowners, commercial properties, and complexes. You require little overhead because this business is quite straightforward. To succeed in the business, you will need proper planning and marketing to put your business in the limelight.

14. Copywriter 

You can also establish yourself as a freelance copywriter if you are a natural wordsmith with some marketing knowledge. There are many companies out there willing to pay you to write for them. You can specialize in press releases, blogs, and web content.  There are a lot of jobs available for freelance copywriters on Upwork, iWriter, and Freelancer that you can always bid for.

Bring some SEO knowledge to the table and make your copywriting more attractive to clients. The best side of the copywriting business is that you don’t need more to start it. As long as you have a reliable internet connection and a computer, you are just okay to start making some money.

15. Construction Business 

If you enjoy hands-on work, the best place to make a fortune is right in the construction business. Also, if you’ve been doing construction work for some company, you have enough experience to convert that into a business.

You can check your local trade schools and community college for vocational training options. Get equipped with the knowledge you need in this business.

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16. Financial Planning Business 

Start a financial planning business if you have some knowledge in accounting and finance. With a background in finance, many companies are willing to pay for your services.

You can start by registering with a recognized professional body in your country or state, get a consultancy license, and bid for work from different companies.

17. Life Coaching Business

If you have the passion for talking to people and making them successful, you have a place in life coaching. Do you see the best in every person, and you can ignite the potential in them? Did you go through some difficulty and came out strong?

Well, you have what it takes to make people believe that everything is possible in life. You can become a life coach, a mentor and make some money from your experience. Build a small business around life coaching and start making money.

18. Landscaping And Gardening Business 

Another business you can start today if you love to make your hands dirty is landscaping and gardening. Get paid to take care of lawns and do landscaping work for homeowners in your local community. 

Some lawn care services like mowing don’t require any knowledge to start. Start with some basic landscaping services, get some education to improve your skills, and add more services with time.

19. Photography Business 

If you love cameras, then you can venture into the photography business. Make a career out of your passion for photography.  

However, you should know that there is stiff competition in this area, and you might consider specializing in a specific area like portraits, wedding, and pet photography. Whichever area you choose, there is always that chance to climb up. Take photos and sell on platforms like Pinterest and Unsplash.

20. Start a Nightclub or Brewery 

If you love to spend off-hours and interact with people, you can start a brewery, a bar, or a nightclub. 

There are probably a handful of bars in your local area, which means if you want to succeed in this industry, you have to do some market research. 

Bring something new to the local community. What is it that the locals are missing in the bars and nightclubs in the market? Make the club a place you can personally enjoy to hang around and see people flocking there.

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21. A Restaurant Business 

The hotel and restaurant industry is somewhere you can easily make money. Opening a restaurant might be the right business for you if you value a career that holds non-standard hours, one that is exciting. 

The restaurant business will let you fill that need in your community and become successful at the same time. All you need is to get ready for hard work because the restaurant business is quite demanding.

22. Senior Citizen Assistance Business 

Just like starting a daycare for kids, you can also start a secure citizen assistance business. If you love to see elderly people enjoying their retirement and helping them have a quality life, this is the right business for you.

This business might involve taking your clients to social functions, helping them with home chores, and running some errands. There are plenty of options you can go for in this business.

Final Thoughts

There are immense opportunities if you are looking forward to starting a business. You can pick any business opportunities listed in this article, do some market research, get all the tools, and start the business. You have a place in the world of business if you’ve got what it takes to meet the challenges.